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 The name, CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q,  is a historical name that has meaning that surpasses generations.  

The name of our business s actually derived from the names of our parents Cora and Jim.  

Our father Jim, a great protector and provider, was the epitome of what a man should be.  

He provided the opportunity for our mother Cora, the visionary.  Our mother was a great cook and 
had a love for food.

She understood the purpose of food and she knew how to use it, to provide for our family. 

She extended her love outside of the walls of our home and into our community when she began to feed others.  
Our parents instilled in us a strong work ethic.  

They reared us to treat your fellow man the same way in which you want to be treated,with love and kindness.
The example of our parents was the birth of our business, CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q.  
The work of our parents and the legacy that they provided, continues to live through each meal we prepare.  
We honor our parents and the legacy that they left. 
The love of cooking and sharing continues to live on into our 3rd generation. 

We focus on providing you the best food quality, memorable flavor, and visually pleasing appearance of your food. 
We realize choosing a caterer is a significant budgetary decision, often impacting, other activities you will have at your event. 
Most importantly, we listen to you. We strive to achieve what you want, when you want it, at prices,
that is pleasing to you.

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CJ's CATERING & BAR-B-Q, LLC is a local, valley wide food and catering service.  We have been
preparing and serving quality food and providing catering services to patrons all over the valley, 
for over 10 years.  

We are family-owned and have been cooking together for over 25 years.  
We have been given the opportunity to provide nutritious, home-cooked meals to a number of hungry guests.  
We have provided catering services for corporate events, family gatherings, weddings, church functions, 
and to those that are in need.

We are a company built on strong, family core values.  We believe in family and helping our community. and
We use food, as a way, to bring it all together. Over the years, we have perfected some of our most popular, 
family recipes.  These recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next.  We prepare our food using
only the finest of ingredients.  Shopping at local markets, gives us the opportunity, to prepare our
delicious meals with the freshest produce available.  This is a huge advantage, which is evident in the quality
of our food.  However, nothing surpasses our secret ingredient that we apply to each of our dishes.  This ingredient
exceeds everything else we do.  Our secret ingredient, before we present any dish, we always remember to sprinkle it
with love, which is our family tradition. 

As a family-owned business, we take the time to prepare food the right way.  We ensure that all of our food handlers are current in state and board guidelines in handling and preparing food.  Food safety is our number one priority. 
Without question, we ensure that the food, that we prepare and serve , is safe and delicious. 

During the span of our food and catering service, we have had the honor of providing meals to United States veterans for over 10 years.  Through a myriad of outlets, we have serviced veterans with food and catering through some of our meal suppliers organizations, such as St. Vincent De Paul and the Veteran's Affairs Hospital.  

Throughout the course of this time, we have become very familiar with the preferences and meal combinations that
our former servicemen appreciate. We have identified, that meals surrounded around comfort
food, generally work best. We believe, because the simple combination of a meat surrounded around mash potatoes and/or rice,  reminds our veterans of family and home.  Our intention is, through our meal creations, to give our veterans a piece of the familiar, a piece of home. 

We at CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q, believe that it is an honor to have an opportunity to serve our veterans.

contact customer service:

623 455 6364

CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q has been a part of the community for a span of over 25 years.
We have provided food for local community organizations and are heads above
competition for several reasons: 

Our food delivery is impeccable and we provide exceptional service
Our staff is courteous and professional
In 2017, we provided over 1500 meals to veterans that attended the Stand-Down
We have 
received from The Arizona Housing Coalition exceptional performance reviews
Veterans we served rated us superb

We have partnerships with the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other auxiliaries that 
support  veterans.
We are connected with a number of churches in the valley
We currently have a contract with Community Bridges, Inc (CBI) to provide meals to the veterans at Cloud Break Communities Campus. 
We have partnered with the Downtown YMCA to provide services to our veterans through the Healthy Living and Lifestyles for Vets program. 
We provide a cooking class to veterans at the Cloud Break Community to promote healthy eating and cooking habits
We make it a point to give back to the community

We have passed the Maricopa County and Environmental Services and VA 
Foodservice department inspections. 

Our executive chef, Jimmie Mason, is a Vietnam veteran himself.  He provides a wealth of knowledge in regards to servicing and managing other vets from a first-hand experience.  Being a vet himself, his military experience is immeasurable. Serving food continues to give him the opportunity to work alongside his fellow veterans.  In addition to his veteran experience, Mr. Mason brings a wealth of cooking experience.
For the past 3 years, CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q 
have been contracted
by Community Bridges, Inc to provide meals for veterans. Mr. Mason has worked patiently and diligently to ensure to build a relationship with the residents there, thus furthering his love for food and service to the community. 
These experiences place CJ's Catering and Bar-B-Q in a great position to be of greater assistance to those they serve.

We focus on providing you the best food quality, memorable flavor, and visually pleasing appearance of the food. 
We realize choosing a caterer is a significant budgetary decision, often impacting, what else you will have at your event. 
Most importantly, we listen to you. We strive to achieve what you want, when you want it, at prices that are pleasing to you


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