Campaign Copywriting and Strategy
We know how to captivate your audience and tell your campaign’s story in a way that converts. It’s one thing to be able to show off your product, but you also need to be able to properly communicate why your next big idea is pertinent to your backers’ lives. Our team of content strategists identifies what separates you from competitors and understands how to communicate with your audience so that your project resonates with investors. We know that your idea solves a big problem – let us show your customers the solution.

You Have A Story And We Know How To Tell It Through Campaign Copywriting And Strategy.

As leaders in launching products and companies, our experienced team offers an impartial and fresh perspective when it comes to writing for your crowdfunding startup. By taking our years of experience writing marketing content for projects in each category, and everything we’ve learned about your product during our strategy sessions and pre-launch, we are able to make
the most informed and strategic decisions for your campaign. While our campaign copywriters construct a page that is customized to your strengths with our optimized templates in mind, they are working with our in-house team of graphic designers to ensure that your page stands out while telling your story. Our services don’t stop there – we will also take the time to help you
construct your strategy with the most effective sales tactics in mind.

Public Relations

Our public relations team helps your crowdfunding project get the coverage it needs for success. A successful public relations strategy is a valuable piece of launching a new product or company. As an expert in public relations for startups, we know the ins and outs of not only gaining coverage in top outlets, but maintaining relationships with the top technology and gadget journalists so that you get the coverage you deserve.

Public relations for a product launch can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. We believe that the foundation of a good public relations strategy begins with research to better understand what’s out there and how your company fits into that targeted space. We begin all of our campaigns by examining existing coverage regarding your organization, as well as your
competitors, to gain deep insight into your audience, product and industry.

Once we have collected all of the initial information, our public relations tools and insights allow our team to create shareable, compelling content that is sure to turn heads. Our team’s experience working with clients from a wide range of industries, combined with our collaborative sessions, crowd-sourced tactics and digital public relations expertise is our secret formula for
securing the most prominent placement with the top influencers in any industry. We work hard to maintain relationships with the top journalists in a number of industries.

Facebook Advertising

Through success-based strategy and creativity, we are able to not only find your fans, but convert them into investors. When it comes to the success of your crowdfunding campaign, timeis of the essence. This is why we utilize Facebook ads over other forms of paid advertising to effectively reach a highly-targeted audience base who will not only support your campaign, but
become lifelong fans.

Our experienced Facebook ads specialists know how to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns designed for high conversions at a low cost. We use a hands-on approach to locate hyper-targeted audiences, based on a combination of geographic and demographic information, along with users’ likes and preferences. Product advertising, and crowdinvesting Facebook ads
in particular, is one of the most effective ways to see an instant return on your investment.

We’ve developed a proven process for Facebook ad management and crowdinvesting marketing that we know works time and time again. We’re able to use Facebook ads to build a list of engaged investor before a campaign, drive targeted traffic to your campaign once it’s live, and reinvigorate campaigns that have already launched.

Twitter Marketing

In crowdfunding, Twitter plays an immensely important role as a tool to identify and engage with a highly targeted audience (read: potential investors) and a way to promote your crowdinvesting campaign (or pre-campaign) to that audience. We use Twitter’s amazing direct engagement ability to do blogger/influencer outreach, digital PR and to create Twitter List to target and engage industry professionals, investment funds, and investors.

We use proprietary software to automate these tasks and you can grow a highly targeted Twitter following and promote your crowdinvesting campaign at the same time, without lifting a finger. You can save hours of your precious time and thousands of dollars per month. Once set up, our system will automatically find relevant conversations on Twitter and bring you and your
message into the conversation in a natural way.

Twitter Marketing is aimed at crowdfunders that want to supercharge their Twitter follower growth rate and crowdfunding page referrals. If you want to grow your crowd on Twitter and reach a hyper- targeted and engaged audience for your crowdfunding campaign, then Twitter Marketing is for you.

The followers we generate ARE 100% real people with an interest in your niche or vertical. What we do is quite a simple premise, there’s no tricks to the method. Our service actually works, we don’t need to be sneaky to get results. You’ll have access to a dedicated account anager who will happily help you to optimize and get the most out of your Twitter marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin provides an vast array of professionals, investors, bloggers, and journalists that can promote and support your campaign. LinkedIn makes this task very simple through the use of advanced search and you can also use it to participate in targeted groups that contain your idea investor and you have the ability to reach out to any of these people on an individual through the
connection feature and build a relationship.

Email Marketing
Improve relationships with your customers, incubate leads and start a conversation with your fans through our crowdfunding email marketing tactics. Attracting, building, and engaging subscribers is no easy task. You must build relationships with your subscribers by educating and informing them about the crowdinvesting process, the crowd invested product, and the
rewards. And the entire email marketing process needs to work towards the goal of any crowdinvesting campaign – generating conversions.

We use crowdfunding email marketing to strengthen your fan base and convert investors. crowdinvesting email marketing is a critical component of your marketing strategy because it is the most effective channel for communicating with your subscribers. If you enlist a full service crowdfunding email marketing agency like WeCycl, we will provide you with lead generation and
collection, list segmentation, create branded templates, write engaging, shareable content and use our strategies to build relationships and generate sales.

Whether it’s for a pre-launch email, project launch email, a product-promotion email, part of a drip campaign or anything in between, we start by creating eye-catching, responsive, branded templates. Our newsletter campaigns and email automations include original content that will pique the interest of your investor audience. With each campaign sent, we strategically analyze
the results in order to understand what content your audience responds to and optimize future campaigns for higher performance. We aim to keep current investors happy and seek to convert future investors to ensure your campaign’s success.

Let us help you create a

campaign designed to succeed!!!

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Discovery and Strategy
Through in-depth strategy and discovery sessions, we prepare an evidence-based launch strategy for your upcoming crowd investing campaign. Whether you need campaign strategy,market validation and research, videography and photography consultation, or anything in between, we take the time to understand your product and your ideal market so that we can
create a plan to launch your next big idea.

We believe that a comprehensive launch strategy is key to the success of a new product. As leaders in launching products and companies, our experienced team at Wecycl offers an impartial and fresh perspective for your next crowd investing marketing campaign. We execute the most in-depth and immersive discovery and strategy procedures so that we understand what needs to be done to take your campaign to its fullest potential.

From the small team looking to launch a new product to the large corporation hoping to introduce a new product line, we have everything it takes to build and successfully launch a crowd investing campaign. Our team will collaborate to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, then we will work together to provide the most immersive and individualized strategy for your one-of-a-kind product. Together, we’ll set goals and develop the best plan to meet them, then work with you every step of the way to ensure your campaign’s success.

Seeking Investors
When it comes to the benefits of attracting investors for an equity crowdfunding campaign, it all boils down to credibility for investors. Our team not only helps you identify the ideal investor, we also help you determine the best platform for your equity crowdfunding needs and make it easy for investors to find your project through our various strategies.

Pitch Deck Creation
To attract the ideal investor for your equity crowdfunding campaign, a well-designed pitch deck is crucial. Our team helps you create and design pitch deck content that will explain your business plan and demonstrate to investors how you will make them money in the long run.

Pre-Launch Lead Generation
We don’t just manage your crowdfunding campaign launch, we build the foundation for a strong campaign and a lasting business. We set your project up for success with our pre-launch Marketing Services. Through a multipronged approach, we seal the foundation for your crowdinvesting campaign, and inevitably, your product’s life, with our pre-launch marketing
activities. Through a variety of lead generation campaigns and overall brand awareness tactics, we know how to prepare your fans and future investors for your crowdinvesting campaign launch. We generate a buzz and get everything in place before your big crowdinvesting launch. Our years of experience in lead generation marketing have allowed us to create techniques and
strategies for successful pre-launch marketing activities. Without a successful pre-launch phaseof your campaign, it becomes much harder to produce a fruitful crowdinvesting campaign. First, we build a landing page based on our proven and tested template. With the landing page, we build and test Facebook Ad messaging and secure audiences while building your social media following. As we collect leads from the landing page, we keep them incubated until launch day with our proven email marketing tactics. Finally, we take what we learn from landing page and Facebook Ad messaging and apply it to your campaign page development to ensure that we’re using campaign strategies that convert.

Social Media Marketing

We execute social media marketing strategies across a variety of the most relevant social media platforms to engage with fans and create eye-catching, brand-relevant content for your crowdfunding campaign. Social media has revolutionized how we communicate with one another and how businesses communicate to their customers. As these platforms are used by
billions of people around the globe on a daily basis, it’s important to tap into that potential. We are a social media marketing firm who knows how to properly utilize a combination of all relevant social networks as well as create brand-relevant content that attracts engagement and boosts the success of your campaign.

Social media is where your customers are not only talking about your brand, but buying your product. We know how to curate content that activate engagement and present your brand in unique and creative ways, as well as create a platform for you to communicate with customers and potential fans for a more authentic experience. When it comes to promoting a campaign, many investors make an online investment after they’ve seen a campaign posted on social media. Our social media marketing efforts are an important prong in our holistic cowd investment marketing approach. For example, while using social media as a promotional tool, if we see that certain posts are performing exceptionally well, or we’re promoting a campaign, we will also integrate our Facebook ads services to maximize the potential of our campaign through boosted posts while still directly communicating
with your audience.

We also build relationships using your brand’s online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to manage your brand’s digital reputation. When you sign on for social media services with Wecycl, you’re not just getting a social media marketer or a social media marketing consultant, but a community liaison and an informed and understanding voice who can effectively communicate with your audience and solidify your brand as we meet your campaign marketing needs.

The Importance of Blogging

You have probably seen the state: Businesses that regularly blog receive 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t. Why? Because blogs are like chum for Google and other search engines. They are the bait that reels in customers when they are searching the web for Products and services that you offer.

But blogging is so much more than that. Frequent blog posts on your specialty will enhance your reputation and make you a recognized expert in your field. Not only will customers and clients be impressed, you will likely see your blog cited by other bloggers. Event traditional news reporters will be calling you. Blog and they will find you. That is the essence of inbound
marketing at work.

Repurpose Blog Content to Increase Search and Thought Leadership
Increasing the probability that your blog post will find its way to page one of Google search and
to ensure that your thought leadership is more visible implement these four steps:

1. Create a basic presentation using the same blog content with the same on-page SEO
keyword strategy and a call-to-action. Save it as a PDF

2. Add a voiceover narration and royalty-free music and compile it into a screencast video.
Add this video to your YouTube profile with the landing page URL

3. Use your blog post’s (sub)heads and numbered lists to create social status updates

4. Embed the SlideShare presentation and Youtube Screencast in the Blog post

An Important Note About Communicating Your Offering

Before you file Form C with the SEC, you cannot make any “offers” of securities, either publicly
or privately. This means:

● No meeting with potential investors.
● No sneak peaks or first looks at your offering.
● No public announcements about your offering.
● No discussions of your offering at any event.
● No other public communications about the offering.
● No conditioning the market (for example, suddenly ramping up advertising).
Conversations with friends and family about your offering are permitted, but you cannot be pitching them as investors.
Even after you file Form C with the SEC, communication about the offering is still heavily regulated. We always recommend that those looking to run an equity crowdfunding campaign consult with an attorney throughout the process.

Crowd Investing Checklist
A successful crowdinvesting campaign doesn’t catch fire by itself—it needs to be driven from start to finish and gain momentum by getting it in front of investors with an integrated marketing strategy. It starts with providing a compelling business offering with a lead investor already attached who has solidified the terms of the deal. It’s then up to you to build a great profile and
launch a marketing campaign around your equity crowdfunding campaign.

Create Profile That Unlocks Investment
Company Profile

● Video (2-3 Mins)
● Product Images
● Business Traction Points
● KPI’s
● Team
● Key Customers & Partners
● Press mentions
● Testimonials

Investment Profile

● Fundraising Documents
● Investor Pitch Deck
● Term Sheet Executive Summary
● Subscription Documents
● Highlights
● Investors
● Previous Funding
● Fundraising Goal


● Issue a press release highlighting your Crowdfunder deal
● Tell a bigger story
● Hit all the relevant verticals
Leverage Social Media Channels
● Facebook
● Twitter
● LinkedIn
● YouTube

Activate your Stakeholders

● Investors
● Board Members
● Advisors
● Friends & Family
● Board Members

Company Website

● Homepage banner linking to your crowdinvesting campaign
● Post to blog
● Syndicate the blog out to your network
● Send blast to company mailing lists


● Create a set of perks that are unique to your business to incentivize investors to
close quickly
● Create experiential marketing opportunities that money can’t buy

Actively Follow-Up with Interested Investors

● Don’t let pending requests sit in your Deal Admin. Make sure to follow-up with each investor within 24 hours and make yourself available – this is critical

Yes, it is a lot to get done. Now you can do this yourself or you can let us get this done for you!!! We are ready when you are!!!

contact me to discuss your project/campaign

Rickey  623-455-6364

Video Marketing
Video marketing involves using online video for promoting your product, service, or company. While it may stand alone, video marketing is often used as part of an integrated marketing approach, combining other tactics such as email or social media. These videos may have descriptive, educational, or informational purposes, and may be used to increase search visibility or to harness the sharing power of social media. Today, with low barriers to entry for video marketing, increasing ease of quality video production and growing avenues for distributions, video marketing has become an indispensable tool for the inbound marketer. Here are some stats to prove it.

Cross Promotions

Through facilitating cross-promotion opportunities, our team strategically places your project in front of new, potential investors during your crowdinvesting campaign. Cross-promotional marketing allows you to engage with those interested in crowd investing as well as get in front of a new audience by organizing your campaign promotions with other campaigns. Through this
straightforward, and most often free, technique, we are able to help showcase your product to investors who might not otherwise be met through public relations or paid advertising. Our cross-promotional strategies are just another way we create the most effective and holistic approach for your crowdinvesting marketing strategy to get your campaign in front of as many
people as possible.

Due to the fact that cross-promotional marketing opportunities change daily, our cross-promotion specialists comb through the latest crowdinvesting campaigns daily and work tirelessly to evaluate and coordinate the most effective cross-promotional opportunities for your campaign.

The art of cross promotion is so much more than simply reaching out to fellow campaigns. Through our combined years of experience, we know the importance of constructing the most engaging pitches and blurbs, as well as selecting the best assets, for the most effective cross-promotion opportunities. By working with campaigns that are complementary, not competing, we’re able to find opportunities for new investors while solidifying trust with your current investors. We take into account the validity of a project, their goals and funding numbers, their press, the content of their project and more to ensure that you are maximizing
your potential and alignment when it comes to cross promotions.

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