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GMR Media Service can greatly assist you in promoting your business!

Using Web, Direct Mail, Audio, Visual, and Social Media!!!

We have a promotion program ready to deliver for you!!

GMR Media offers the best  direct mail program designed for small business owners, non profit organizations, and individual who want to reach a new audience.

Introducing the GMR Mailer, 

a print publication sent to businesses in your area by First Class Mail. We can help you reduce your mailing cost by 50%!!!!

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Creating Branding for your company ( audio and visual)

Create, produce, and distribute professional audio commercial (60 secs) $150

Create, produce, and distribute professional video                                         $350
send your 30-minute video to us, we will edit, add professional opening and closing.

Need help with graphics, images, intro, outros,just let us know.
Need a press release created and distributed, let us know!!
Need to consult on constructing a great promotional campaign, let us know!!

We provide complete media printing from business card, banners, flyer, any print you need we can do it!!!

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