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Cecil "Homeboy" Holden Born: 9/20/1948

Transition : 11/13/2023

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His fans remember him as Cecil"Homeboy" Lyde and artist whose musical talent has been unmistakable since he was three years old.

At the age of ten, after winning a talent contest at the Club Delisa, Chicago's celebrated nightspot, he was offered contracts by several major recording companies.

Wisely turning them all down, his mother encouraged Cecil to finish is education instead. Refining his skills during his teen years, Cecil began to work with many of Chicago's great musical talents of the time. Curtis Mayfield,

The Chi-Lites, Gene "Duke of Earl" Chandler, Major Lance, and Barbara Aklin were among his early musical mentors.

"Music has been in my soul all my life, "he says,

"I knew when I was very young that I was put on this earth to share the talent God gave me".

The Capitol records release of his regional hit Experience II, "Bout time I Told You" convinced Cecil a move to the west coast was necessary to take the next step.

In the 1980's he embarked upon a solo career, refining his studio know-how along with his ever-increasing musical output.  Utilizing the genius of many of Chicago's and

L.A.'s finest sessions player, over the next thirty years,

Cecil produced and recorded six classic R&B albums.

The rise of the internet has sparked worldwide airplay and overdue appreciation for his brilliance. Audiences and aficionados from Beijing to Great Britain have discovered his unique style and made him a favorite internet radio artist.

His earlier albums now are highly prized by collectors.

Greatest Hits/Old Skool Classics for the first time combines all the best of Cecil's work, including the European dance smash hit "I'll Make It On My Own" as well as vintage material, some not available since its initial release.


 His Group Homeboy & the Col is a classic original funk

and r&b delight.


Take a look back at the career of a legendary R&B artist. 

It is a pleasure to introduce CECIL HOLDEN, Music Icon,  International Recording Artist, and songwriter of R&B, Soul, NeoSoul, R&B, Funk, Pop, Hiphop, Jazz, Gospel, Urban, Traditional and contemporary music.

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Jesus Was A Holy Man
Homeboy And The Col
Homeboys LFG Anthology
Soul Just Aint Enough
Modern Soul & Blues
Tighten up Your Game

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1.  Soul Just Aint Enough


1. I'm Gonna Bounce Back
2. Blues Just Aint Enough
3. Working It Out
4. Gotta Get Some
5. Traveling Man
6. Systematic
7. Woman
8. I Call The Shots
9. I Care For You
10. Love You All Nite
11. Miss Fort Knox Remix
12. Love Was the Cost
13. Rock n Roll Homeboy

2. Bout Time I Told You

1. Bout Time I Told You
2. Nu Jak Stepping Remix
3. You Brought That On Yourself
4. Are You Lonely
5. Can I Love You This Way
6. We Got It Going On
7. Will There Ever Be
8. I Want Your Body
9. I'm So Glad
10. Pleasure

3. Homeboy & The COL

1. I'll Make It Own My Own
2. Time to Change
3. Moneys Funny
4. Are You Lonely
5. Love Was The Cost
6. Funk Yourself to Death
7. Can't Get Enough
8. Bring Out The Love
9. Homeboys Revenge

4. Jesus Was A Holy Man


1. Put The Gospel In Your Soul
2. My El Shadda
3. Trickery
4. Jesus Was A Holy Man
5. Without Jesus
6. You Brought Me
7. Shut Up In My Bones
8. God Don't Keep Nothing On You
9. Faith
10. I'll Fly Away

7. Modern Soul

1. I'll Make It Remix
2. Gangster Queen
3. Bucket of Blood
4. Ready For Heartbreak
5. I Care For You
6. Movie Star Live Mix
7. Money's Still Funny
8. Stardust to Heaven
9. My Everything
10. If You Don't Mind
11. Homeboy is Here

5. Hard Fighting Soldier

1. Hardfighting Soldier Remix 2020
2. What does it Profit A Man
3. God Gave this World
4. Every Child Running for Jesus
5. I Thank You Lord
6. Choose Your Seat
7. I'll Be Listening
8. Praise Him
9. Do You Believe
10.He's the One

6. Homeboy LFG Soul anthology

1. Golden Ring
2. Just Ain't Right
3. I'll Always Love You
4. Wonderful Feeling
5. Is That The Way
6. Number One
7. Spend My Life
8. Keep Dancing

8. Tighten up Your Game

1. Tightenup Your Game
2. Nu Jak Stepping remix 2020
3. Will There Ever Be
4. We Got It Going On
5. Natural Thing
6. I'll Always Love You
7. Be My Girl
8. Try Me

 9. Battlefield

1. On The Battlefield
2. Never Stop Praising
3. Conference Table
4. Tell Him Yes
5. Praying GrandMother
6. Call on Jesus
7. Jesus is Waiting
8. Wear A Crown