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What is the number one fear of Americans? It is financial problems. A survey by

Sun Life Insurance found that people are more concerned about their financial

worries than they are about death. Another survey conducted by Employee

Benefit Research found that 82% of Americans worry about their financial future;

and, in a Bankrate survey, 76% of Americans said they are living paycheck to

paycheck with virtually no savings. These are alarming statistics showing that

Americans need help overcoming their financial difficulties. 


There are many reasons for financial problems such as job loss, medical expenses,

marital and legal problems, and other unforeseen expenses. When these

unexpected situations occur and people have not prepared for them, they become

overextended financially and find they can’t pay their bills. Whatever caused their

financial troubles, these people need help to deal with their problems and to

protect them from future problems.

Loan Payment Guardian is a program devoted to helping you cope with a Financial Hardship. Financial problems can be debilitating and may even cause emotional and medical problems. The stress and legal problems associated with a financial hardship can be overwhelming.

Now, if you are ever faced with a financial problem, you don’t have to suffer through it alone. Loan Payment Guardian will be there to help...we truly care about you.    Our complete benefit program will help you through every step of the way.

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Juniques Financial Services

We are experts at helping our clients save money.

Should you lose your employment, with Loan Payment Guardian you could still receive your choice of monthly payment. 

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Juniques Financial Services​​​​​​​

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Lenders - Find Out How You Can Offer Loan Payment Guardian to Your Customers