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Juniques is proud to be part of the  Millennium Monument Movement



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Become a Millennium Monument     Founding Patron!

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Print 1  

Shows the African man raising the world.

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Print 3

Shows the three faces of nature captured in the ocean waves reminding us that if we take of the planet the planet will take care of us. 

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Print 2 

Shows the African woman carrying the weight of the world on her back.

WELCOME to a very exciting project

                            Key Objective for 2021

1. To honour the ancestors

2. To acknowledge the contributions made to the world by people from the African diaspora

3. To donate prints of The Millennium Monument to schools worldwide

4. To applaud and list all print buyers on a Patron’s Plaque in schools for their grassroots support

5. To unveil a 10ft to 12ft statue of The Millennium Monument
6. To decorate the base of the 10ft to 12ft monument with the names of the 500 Founding Patrons
7. To employ artists to conduct Afrocentric residences in schools
8. To buy goods and services from black businesses that are donated back to the community

9. To promote positive images of people from the African diaspora

10. To economically empower the Affiliates and Coordinators who support this movement

11. To designate revenue from Phase 2 back to the groups and organisations of the Founding Patrons

12. To celebrate and promote the Founding Patrons worldwide for creating positive change

Join the Millennium Monument Movment

Groups or organizations with 100 members

who each purchase a set of prints will be

acknowledged worldwide

as Founding Patrons

for this movement.

 Corporations wishing to receive the

positive global PR associated with

The Millennium Monument
may reserve their place

on the base of the monument.

The Millennium Monument

​​​​​​​will be shown in seven continents

Limited Time to Act

We are creating a  Reservation List

for the first 500 Founding Patrons. 

No payment will be required until all 500 Founding Patron places have been allocated.

First Right of Refusal
Businesses or corporations on the Reservation List will not be obligated in anyway. Should you release your reservation position, it would become open to our waiting list

join with us on this most positive social economic journey in the 21st century!!

Art that makes a statement and appreciated globally. 

It is an honor  to share this information with you.. 


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Yes, we have the world's interest!!!  Join with us.

Become a Founding   Patron and  MMM Client!! 

Get your prints today!!!


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