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The TELEVISION SERIES is a 30 minute truly intriguing Reality Television show that follows the radio show of Russ and Stewwho are known in New York for their long time presence in urban talk radio and have interviewed celebrities such as: Fat Joe, Destiny's Child, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg. Today the duo continues their dominance over the radio airwaves 88.1 FMin Detroit, MI and 107.3 FM in the Virgin Islands. The show has also upgrade to live streaming and added a live cooking segment with renowned Chef Donnell Oliver ofJohnson & Wales University.  The show gives an inside look of the stress, drama, production, and fun of a live radio show and revealshowth host deal with ego and competition of their on-air talent and the difficulty of booking and scheduling of their celebrity guests. It's a tough job with a lot of obstacles but the show must have nothing working against them except each other.
Who can they trust?  Who will come through? What's the next move?  
And most importantly, who's Stirring Up Da Pot?

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8 july 2018

russNstew have offically open their studio in harlem!!!


these are events russnstew have successfully hosted you do not want to miss any events russnstew host
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season 2  will be showing soon!!!